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If you have been wrongfully accused of child abuse, you are probably feeling angry, frustrated, and

frightened. You may be experiencing shock, disbelief, and even hate right now.

This is normal.

Maybe you're taking an entirely new and sobering look at your ideas about our judicial system, it’s fairness, and the law in general.

This is normal, too.

You might notice yourself thinking that the caseworkers, police officers, detectives, or prosecutors are "out to get you."

They probably are, so thinking this way is also normal.

In fact, at this point, a bit of healthy suspicion is a pretty good idea. If you find yourself thinking of witch-hunters, Nazis, kidnappers, and the Gestapo, you're not alone. Sometimes the most evil acts are committed under the guise of the kindest causes. Sympathetic ends are sometimes supported by immoral means.

You might be in a frenzy to do something, anything, to prove your innocence. It might be hard to concentrate, and you may be easily distracted. You may want to buttonhole somebody, everybody, anybody to tell your story to.


You might even want to seek out the caseworkers, police officers and/or prosecutor. It seems logical that, if they had all the facts, they'd see you're innocent.

Don't! They won't.

Don’t volunteer for the "lie detector", or any other "test", in a rush to prove your innocence. If you’ve been criminally charged this, and anything you say and do, can and will be used against you. These people are not interested in helping you or in proving your innocence. Their jobs are to collect and create evidence to support what they already believe, and in their eyes... you're guilty.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help with your case.

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