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04. Sexual Abuse


Sexual Abuse Consultation 

If you have been charged with and/or accused of child sexual abuse, your attorney may not be experienced in charges that have this kind of life altering implication. This is where I come in. I have aided in countless successful defenses as a trial consultant over 25 years in a great multitude of jurisdictions.

I know that being charged with or accused of sexual abuse can be a particularly intimidating situation. The weight of this charge, coupled with the stigma of being a child abuser or molester can make individuals who could otherwise help leery of talking to you regarding your situation. There may be judgment well in advance of any sort of jury verdict, or even a formal charge. I am not that kind of individual.

Throughout the years, I have consulted on a wide variety of child sexual abuse cases. These cases range from molestation charges, to sexual battery, lewd and lascivious behavior with a child, gross sexual imposition, and even sexual battery. I know the way these accusations can go from a simple misunderstanding to a full blown criminal proceeding.


NO matter what state you have been charged in, I have consulted with attorneys who deal with these kinds of allegations.


I will work with your attorney, making suggestions that I have found to be helpful in sexual abuse defenses over the last 25 years. Together, your attorney and I will work toward giving your particular issue the most informed representation possible.


Through my investigation and consultation, your attorney will know what a successful defense may entail. I can provide a unique insight into the nuances of your particular charge in whichever jurisdiction your case may be based in.

If you and your attorney realize that an independent consultation may help your case, feel free to give me a call. Initial consultations are free. Call me today at (419) 868-6016  email me directly. or Contact Us through our site.

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