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As an American you've been raised with certain notions about things such as “justice”,

“constitutional rights”, the “presumption of innocence”, and the idea that “the truth always comes out”. You never thought you'd have to fight so hard and spend so much time and money to try and get something as basic to our society as justice. However, when a child abuse allegation is made against you, these otherwise automatic rights do not exist. You must fight for each of these rights. Like a muscle, your rights must be exercised in order to remain strong. If you expect to have as many rights as anyone accused of a non-child abuse crime, don't count on it. You will realize, upon the allegation of child abuse, that you are "Guilty Until Proven Innocent", and that someone accused of a vicious murder has more rights than you. Child abuse is considered by society in general, and the system people in particular, to be the most horrendous crime of all.

You're an "alleged sexual perpetrator", or “baby-raper or killer”, and treated like something foul.

Bail, usually, is impossibly high. People assume you're guilty because you've been charged. People in this country have been raised their whole life with cliches such as “where there is smoke, there is fire”. Before you get too upset with them, remember your reaction before all this happened to you when you heard that someone had been "indicted", or you saw a newscast of a man captured as a "suspected child


You might blame yourself because you didn't somehow prevent this whole thing. You might even start feeling guilty, even though you're not. (People in concentration camps sometimes believed that they were anti-human, like the guards told them. This is called "identifying with the aggressor.") Remember: You cannot find logic in an illogical situation.

It's okay to cry. Gradually, you will be able to tolerate memories and ideas about this injustice against you. Eventually, it will no longer seem to overwhelm you. This "neutralizing" takes time. Don't rush it, and if it gets rough, find whatever works for you to renew your hope. Read the manual again, go run a mile, PULL YOURSELF UP. Reach deep inside your soul and rise up again! YOU CAN DO IT!

Once you've survived and recovered from this injustice, you can help others who, today, are unsuspecting victims.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help with your case.

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