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03. Physical Abuse



Physical Abuse Consultation


Being accused of physical child abuse or child neglect can be the most trying time of your life. As a trial consultant I am fully aware of the pain and suffering you are going through. From charges of child abuse, battery, neglect, or medical/educational neglect, I have over 25 years of experience consulting trial attorneys in the nuances of these charges.

In my years of consulting, I have first hand knowledge of what works successfully in a defense for child abuse and child neglect cases. In my 25 years, I have consulted cases throughout the majority of the United States. Child abuse and neglect is an extremely complicated issue in most jurisdictions, and without the proper trial support team, your defense can be over before it even starts.

You may be asking, why does this case need a consultant? The simple truth is that very few attorneys actually have one sole practice area. They defend one or two child abuse or neglect cases a year, and when they are defending your reputation, that is simply not conducive to your best defense. In my 25 years of trial consulting I have seen a wide variety of educational neglect, child abuse, and battery cases.

I even have experience in the ever increasing instances of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and fragile bone conditions. These are extremely technical issues, and I will work in tandem with your attorney to:

a) Determine the relevant issues in your case;
b) Consult on the best way to discuss these issues in a court of law;
c) Coordinate and work with experts by and through your lawyer.



To be clear, I am not an attorney, but I will work with an attorney in figuring out the best way to defend a client in court.


If you or your attorney are interested in a free initial consultation, please contact my office either by email or by calling my office at (419) 868-6016.

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