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What does it mean to "recover" from the pain, rage, undeserved feelings of guilt, and emptiness that false charges produce?

Recovery does not mean you'll forget the injustice and ruin that you have experienced. You will never forget, but you must go on with your life and fight to be vindicated.

Recovery does not mean going on as if your life has been unchanged. Your life has been changed, forever. Vulnerability makes each day count now. You will not feel as safe as you once did, nor as trusting. These feelings are normal and compatible with your achieving recovery.

Recovery does mean that you can, again, do ordinary things like feeling good if something good happens. It means doing things well and feeling at peace with yourself. It means feeling the pain less often. Recovery is having a life that makes sense to you again.

Getting on with your life shows everyone that life does matter to you, and that you will not be destroyed by what has happened. Achieving this just might help others who love and depend on you.

Indeed, you have a responsibility to recover. Remember, the best revenge to a false allegation is to "ride-out the storm" and have a good, successful life.

The people who do not recover from false allegations fail because the pain and anger become chronic, even crippling. These unfortunate souls become disabled by wanting to "get even." The hatred towards the people involved and the system consumes them. Do not let this happen to you. Lean on those of us who have been there. Be a friend to yourself. Be tolerant as you move on, and don't expect miracles. If you didn’t have “thick skin” prior to being accused, you will need to develop it now. Ignore those who are close-minded against you, and embrace those willing to look at your situation logically. It should be clear to you by now that you have to fight with all you've got to survive.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help with your case.

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