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01. Consultation

Signing a Contract

Appeals Process Initial Consultation

If you discovered the complexities of defending child abuse related cases too late and you have already been convicted, we still may be able to help with a wrongful conviction appeal. Associate Todd James is involved with the appellate process.


We have dealt with competent appeals attorneys in virtually every state who have had success with child abuse related cases. Thus, if you have not selected an appeals attorney yet, we can help you find an attorney competent in the appeals stage of child abuse cases.


After you have selected an attorney, regardless of whether we referred him or her, we can, with the attorney’s consent and under his or her auspices, help identify and develop viable appeals issues, prepare for arguments, etc.

If you or your client has been accused or convicted of child abuse, please call me at (419)-868-6016.

Arrangements for Initial Consultation

Initial consultations can be arranged at Ms. Hart’s office or at your location. Call to discuss which venue would be most appropriate for your circumstance. If you currently retain legal representation, discuss with him or her your desire to arrange for a consultation with Ms. Hart before you call. Because of attorney-client privilege, it is best that your lawyer consent to the meeting so that all relevant facts may be discussed and analyzed.

There will inevitably be a sizable volume of documents to analyze. Typically, you will be asked to supply the following:

  • Charging Documents

  • Police Reports

  • Medical Reports

  • Transcript of accused interview


Other items may also be relevant. The need to review these can be ascertained when you call.


Sometimes venue specific consultation is preferred and can be arranged. Meeting at your location can provide the benefit of having your attorney present during the conference.


Both in-office and venue specific initial consultations carry a one-day minimum fee. On site consultations may require a second day, if the situation warrants, due to possible opportunities created by having your lawyer participate.


Call (419)-868-6016 for an estimate of trial consulting fees and travel expenses.

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