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To understand why the investigators and/or police act the way they do, you must first

understand their mindset. Child abuse investigators are trained to assume that an allegation is

true. You are presumed guilty. These investigators are not, for the most part, investigators at

all – they are interrogators looking for any statement that can be twisted and used against you.

These people are trained to gloss over or ignore evidence that contradicts what they already believe, which is that you are guilty. For many child abuse investigators, their beliefs about child abuse are tantamount to a religious fervor. They believe that they have been anointed to be a "child-saver”, and their mission in life is to “save” all of the “abused” children. The more shrewd investigators, in order to get information to use against you, will act as if they are sympathetic towards you, or will even tell you that they “believe you”. They will encourage you to talk to them freely so that you can “prove your innocence”. Don’t buy it!

Don’t believe for one minute that the investigators care about you at all.

Another tactic used by many child abuse investigators will be to promise a speedy

resolution to the allegations, "...if you will just cooperate”. In most cases, “cooperation” means

submitting to them, and being entirely at their mercy. Cooperate only when it is in your best interest – not theirs, and NEVER without advice from counsel. Many child abuse investigators will threaten you and your loved ones with the removal of your own (or other children) if you do not cooperate. This is not an idle threat. However, if the children are going to be removed, it doesn’t matter if you cooperate or not. This is just a ploy that is used. Child abuse investigators will threaten anyone who supports you with criminal charges of “...allowing the abuse to happen”. The goal of the investigators is to “divide and conquer”. Many times, there will be no case against you unless they can get your spouse, other family members, and/or friends to turn on you out of fear of losing their own children, or the threat of criminal charges. Do not underestimate the amount of power and fear child abuse investigators, police, and prosecutors can exert on loved ones or friends. Don’t be totally shocked if someone “turns” on you because of self-interest and self-preservation.

No matter how tempting it seems, don't talk with anybody or sign anything concerning your case or lifestyle without your attorney’s advice or instruction. Sign nothing your attorney has not read FIRST.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help with your case.

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