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The pain of being falsely accused may never go entirely away. However, by the time your case is processed by the criminal Courts, (and time frames are longer for civil/family or juvenile Courts), the pain will probably dull. It is common for a falsely accused person to “numb” him/herself to life in general, and go through periods of depression. Although you can expect some bad days, the anxiety and depression will gradually become easier for you to handle and overcome.

You must work to ease the pain. Keep your life style as "normal" as possible. Go to work and keep appointments when you can. You also need to be physically fit, so start working out. You'll find exercise is a great way to release much of the stress you feel. Living normally and exercising will also get you "battle-ready." To endure the difficulties and pain ahead of you, you must keep a sound mind and body. One, without the other, puts you in a position of weakness and vulnerability.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help with your case.

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