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Child abuse investigators and prosecutors use the polygraph as a “tool” to get an

admission or a confession. Not surprisingly, the “State” wants the accused to submit to a police polygraph examiner for the administration of the polygraph. Over the past few decades, our experience has been that the vast majority of the police polygraphs demonstrate “lying” or “signs of deception”. The “State” polygraph examiners usually refuse to supply copies of the charts for independent review. Child abuse investigators and prosecutors rarely acknowledge the test results of a private polygraph examiner. There is NO circumstance where you should entertain a request for a “State” polygraph prior to seeking the advice of competent counsel, and having secured a passed polygraph first. Innocent people can fail polygraphs due to anxiety and other factors. So, if you are unable to pass a private polygraph due to the anxiety of the false allegation that you are experiencing, you surely do not want to take one by the State.

The State will most certainly refuse to have the accuser polygraphed. (I can only think of a couple of circumstances where ethical prosecutors were concerned about the accusers’ story holding-up under a polygraph examination). Obviously, if the State were truly interested in justice, a polygraph by a neutral examiner of the accused, accuser and any other appropriate party would be welcomed. Don’t hold your breath!

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