My name is Kim Hart and I am an experienced trial consultant with 25 years of experience assisting attorneys in the successful defense of persons accused of child abuse as well as in the appeals process of child abuse cases once a client has been wrongfully convicted.

About me


I am knowledgeable as to the current state of the science in child abuse cases as well as appeals case law and skillful at incorporating that information into specific cases. I maintain excellent professional relationships with the leading experts on the topic of child abuse and can effectively integrate them into specific cases when necessary to a successful defense.

Since 1987 I have worked with various attorneys on cases in nearly every state and have the experience and knowledge of what issues must be addressed as well as which strategies have proven successful and which have not.

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I have been the Executive Director of the non-profit National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center for the past fifteen years.

I am an associate member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National Legal Aid and Defender Association.

I am a member of Strathmore's Who's Who, VIP, Lifetime Achievement Listing.

I am the author of Guilty Until Proven Innocent: A Manual for Surviving False Allegations of Child Abuse.

My fees are constructed on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of our involvement.

Presentations and Seminars


I have continuing communication and discussions with leading professionals and expert witnesses throughout the world who are conducting research and writing articles for scientific journals on the current state of the science. In my dealings with hundreds of attorneys, mental health professionals, medical doctors and researchers, I have experienced a variety of novel approaches and avenues of defense that no individual attorney (or their paralegals or law clerk) could possibly acquire in occasional representation of those accused of child abuse or neglect.


I do not testify.

I am not an attorney.

My work falls under "Work-Product" for the attorney and is controlled by him or her.


To discuss whether we can help in your specific case, please call or have your attorney contact Kim Hart at (419)868-6016.